What This Is

This is an open letter from the women who love games to the industry that makes games. A living document meant to communicate our thoughts and feelings to the companies that make the games we’re a part of as players, writers and bloggers. This is a site that expresses all opinions from the gently thoughtful to the actively hurt and wanting to express strong activist feelings.

There are three pages, a main page with the letter itself, a simple middle of the road and respectful series of requests for designers, marketers and decision makers to have in the back of their head when they’re making decisions about their female audience. This part will be living. As discussion occurs on the site (in comments or forums) as things change and new issues spring up or old issues die, the letter will be amended.

There are two other pages along with the front page. One for positive and uplifting stories. Advice to women. Any big break through for women in the industry or even in the real world. The sorts of good news we all need to read sometime. The other third page would be our cautionary tales. Our collection of games that are hurtful or harmful. Rotten stories from cons or discussions on careless comments made by bloggers. I think between the two we can offer voices to a number of women who feel everything from comfort with the current industry to outright rage. The focus won’t be in saying any one opinion is more right than another, but a place to discuss those opinions and have them available to the industry as a whole so they can understand all of the things we’re thinking and feeling as women.

The goal is not for this to be one voice alone. One person can talk about this stuff till she’s red in the face. The goal here is to represent a hundred voices, even when we don’t all agree. Which is where you ladies come in.  Please, contribute your thoughts or feelings to the site when you have the time. Oh, and of course, be part of the outreach to get this to other women. It’s going to take writers, bloggers, artists and fans to cover the gambit, but for now I’m trying to get things rolling with just a few people with a bit of weight behind their names and or a platform to get more ladies in this direction. So far, I’ve heard from a lot of regular gamers very interested, so we already have a small audience that can grow. So, here’s where we are.

If you have thoughts or feelings on the matter and would like to contribute a post to this blog, please drop a line to letterstogaming AT gmail DOT com.

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