Breast Cancer Brawl

Breast cancer is a (mostly) woman’s issue, effecting something like one in eight of us in our lifetime and more than that when you consider that just because you don’t get it means you will know someone who does. There are steps we can take to lower our chances, to catch it fast, and it is treatable but often with harsh side effects and lasting damage to a woman’s body and confidence.

There are plenty of people raising money for breast cancer research, as well as cancer research in general and there are a lot of ways we can support one another as a community. Hell, there’s a lot we can do to support one another as a an entire gender.

But as gamers, now we can do it as gamers!

Breast Cancer Brawl describes themselves like this:

The Breast Cancer Brawl is a way for you to participate in a worthy cause while having a good time playing the games we all love.  There are two parts of the Breast Cancer Brawl – the Play to Save a Life tournament and the Pretty In Pink painting competition.

The Play to Save a Life tournament and Pretty in Pink painting competition are set up by volunteer organizers, and the site has all the information you need to set up and run such an event. Privateer Press, Pulp Monster and Dark Age Games are all official sponsers of Breast Cancer Brawl, though I wonder if we caused enough noise about it, we couldn’t get them some more support.

Take a look, check out the site, send them love letters, and set up a local event! I can’t help but feel like this beautiful gesture to women, and women in gaming, shouldn’t be ignored! (Also interesting fact, if you check out the four core team members you’ll probably notice what I did. They’re men. If that doesn’t bring a little tear to your eye or tug up a smile in the corner of your lips, I’ll have to try harder.)

(I heard about Breast Cancer Brawl first at Tabletop Gaming News.)

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