Women in the Industry: Jennifer Brozek

As a community, it’s of course important that we support one another as me make both large and small accoplishments in and around the industry. Myself, I consider this everything from getting hired by Nintendo to work on their new game line to getting a group of men around a table to show some respect to you and your 40k army despite the fact that you are in fact ‘just a girl.’

As if there is actually such a things as ‘just a girl.’

That said, I wanted to take a moment to celebrate a woman making huge leaps in her own gaming career. Jennifer Brozek is what I consider a pro among pros. A professional writer, freelancer and editor she gets it done both inside the gaming world and outside. She has an impressive resume both in the world of fiction and the world of pen and paper roleplaying games as well as work on great computer games like the newly released Aion.

Most currently, Jennifer’s PDF gaming supplement Proverbial Monsters for White Wolf’s World of Darkness line of games came out last week and is chasing some pretty big names for a spot at number 1 on DrivethruRpg.com. For a solo work by a woman author that is actually a really big deal. (Oh, and it isn’t too late to pick up a copy yourself and push it back up to the top.)

When I asked Jennifer to comment about writing for gaming, she humbled me by very simply reminding me that at the end of the day, writing is writing is writing. She said to me, “”I see story ideas. All the time. Just walking around like normal ideas. They don’t know they’re stories.”

Ms. Brozek’s Bio: Jennifer Brozek, the creator and co-editor of the Grants Pass anthology (Aug 2009, Morrigan Books), is a freelance author for many RPG companies including Margaret Weis Productions, Rogue Games and Catalyst Game Labs. Her contributions to RPG sourcebooks include Dragonlance, Castlemourn, Colonial Gothic, Shadowrun and Serenity. She has also co-authored three books including Dragonvarld Adventures with Margaret Weis. Author of In a Gilded Light, she is published in several anthologies, is the creator and editor of the semiprozine, The Edge of Propinquity, and is a submissions editor for the Apex Book Company. When she is not writing her heart out, she is gallivanting around the Pacific Northwest in its wonderfully mercurial weather. Jennifer is an affiliate member of SFWA.

[Do you know a woman gamer who you feel should or needs to be celebrated? Great! Send me information about the woman in question at letterstogaming@gmail.com and let’s get recognition where ever it’s due. This isn’t just for professionals, all stripes of women who game are worth the attention.]

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